If you have an electrical hinged or sliding rooflight that is currently nonoperational or in need of an upgrade, Rooflight Electrical Services can provide an on-site inspection, replacement and repair service.


Working in conjunction with a number of high quality electrical component manufacturers we can supply and install replacement motor systems and control elements to your skylight. Depending on your current installation, additional components such as a remote control, rain sensor and battery backup may be incorporated into your current rooflight control system.



A typical annual service to an electrical rooflight includes (where applicable):-


• Check and replace where necessary electrical components within control panel

• Check motor and drives for wear and tear

• Check travel alignments

• Lubricate transverse and drive wheels

• Provide remote fob interface with system

• Check all glazing seals and point where necessary

• Check brush seals for wear and tear

• Operate rooflight and check performance of touch sensor / rain sensor interfaces

• Clear debris if any within runners


An engineers report is provided upon completion of service works.